How Do I Know I Am In A Spiritual Relationship

Spiritual relationship is far more precious than physical. 

Physical relationship divorced from spiritual is body without soul.

–  Mahatma Gandhi

Spirituality can be as multi-faceted as the human personality. So can relationships.

Grab a piece of paper and let’s go back in history.  Describe/draw your version of a purely physical relationship.  While it may have included great sex, it probably did not last.  Now recall relationships where growth, respect and truth were stifled.  Describe/draw your lesson from these relationships.  List your desires for a new relationship as opposed to one lost in the past.   How will you know if the next one is spiritual?

Spiritual Relationship
How do I Know I’m in a Spiritual Relationship?

Spiritual relationships allow people to grow in his or her own way and in their own time.  While one person may be farther along in their journey, both are willing to assist the other in positive ways.  Each person offers nourishment, as well as understanding.  We all know growth can be painful at times. 

Here are a few ideas for what a spiritual relationship might look like:

  1. The person you are with has the desire to help you in your journey. The person understands it is not all about them, their interest and their growth.  The partner takes time to listen, becoming involved in helping you meet your needs for personal development.  You do the same for them.
  2. Your partner does not take you or life for granted. Life is precious, offering opportunities of thanks each day. Gratitude forms from appreciating what we have.  Our ability to stay present and grounded benefits this valuable relationship. Your partner empathizes with what you are going through and when you cannot believe in yourself, your partner helps you find courage to traverse the terrain through which you are wandering.  You do the same for them.
  3. Both have a vision for the future. Find someone willing to be of service to others, not service to self. The World asks we re-learn the laws of nature and be of service to others and partnerships.   Balance play with work, love with life, hope with faith. Bringing our World back to its natural plane, a plane where we all respect and appreciate each other shows we understand connection.  We don’t have to give the world away, nor do we have to sacrifice everything we hold dear.  Be vulnerable and work from the heart, not the head.
  4. The person you are with is willing to share ideas with you. Even with disagreements, it is important to respect each other’s ideas and be willing to look at both sides.  Everyday will not be wine and roses.  Relationships take work.  There are many different things to disagree on, but one thing for sure –  each point of view offers ideas for growth and prosperity for the world.
  5. Trust is the most important asset for a relationship. Many physical or material relationships are based on what’s in it for me, and broken trust where money, jealousy, guilt, control reside. The foundation forms with friendship and common ground.  It does not begin in bed or with a U-Haul after two dates.  Friendships build trust, and with trust we develop appropriate boundaries, open ended conversation, pure heart energies and solid foundations.  Trust leaves little room for doubt about the others intention.  Trust does not happen overnight.  Without trust, the foundation will crumble.
  6. As with any friendship or working relationship, compromise is necessary.   Why are you willing to bend a little for everyone except your partner?  When two people are striving to better themselves, compromise is healthy.  Compromise gives the time needed to process what might be happening underneath the surface.  Be like a tree, grounded in love and appreciation but flexible enough to bend when necessary.  You are never asked to sacrifice your values in a true spiritual relationship.  You only have to know the values important to you and those of your partner.

Today’s world is tough enough; finding someone with whom you can be yourself is a prize.  We are the body of love and as such it is important to learn new ways of connecting in order to make each day what it is – a treasure to enjoy.

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