Energy Vampires

” There are some people who, if they don’t already know, you can’t tell ’em. “Yogi Berra

Our bodies are electrical, producing an energetic environment rich in thoughts, ideas, behaviors and attitudes. All have choices of how their day and life will be.

Yet, at times, someone, from somewhere comes along to challenge your boundaries, and steal your happiness. These negative people are “energy vampires”.

Energy vampires may exhibit a victim like behavior.  This behavior removes them from blame, allowing them to project their wrongs in life onto you.  It is always someone else’s fault; victim energy vampires seldom realize they have options to help themselves.  Each of us is struggling with different scenarios in life, and at times we feel downhearted.  Positive people find ways to lift from the rut; victim energy vampires wish to stay in the rut.

Energy vampires often choose to ignore or never gain control of their emotions.  Emotions are the basis for our actions and reactions in life.  These people are liabilities, especially in relationships.  What is that saying, the first time you do something it is a mistake, the second time it is a choice.  Accountability is part of spiritual growth.  Habitual energy vampires who choose to deny emotions stay stuck in their story to gain attention and sympathy.  This robs you of your precious time, energy and positive way of thinking.  Empathy is great but sympathy means you take on another’s problem so the vampire does not have to deal with it.

Our actions and reactions
Emotions are the basis for our actions and reactions in life

Envious people are energy vampires.  Jealousy is a two-edge sword and leads one to react in ways to lower the self-esteem of others.  Accomplished people may begin to feel non-deserving, lowering their values and standards so as not to make the envious energy vampire look bad.  In many countries we all have the ability to create, to grow and to prosper.  Do not allow an envious energy vampire to convince you that your strengths are weaknesses.  Be proud of your hard work and successes.  We are capable of so much more than we realize.  Self-appreciation takes awareness, positive affirmations, and being willing to lose negative friends.  In today’s world of instant gratification we have to learn patience to find our higher self.

Manipulators desire to get what they can from anyone available.  To remain positive and maintain your own energy source, it is important to know when you are being used.  In relationships, manipulation may look like “I can’t do this” or “I just don’t have the time to do that”.  For those on the receiving end, resentment and anger will arise.  This is a sign.  Boundaries, where you realize where you end and another begins, helps curb the uneasiness and burden of misaligned relations.

The energy of a room changes when energy vampires arrive.  Guard physically, mentally and emotionally against negativity.  How do you guard against the energy vampires and those who are critical about everything?

  1. When you go out in public make sure you are grounded. Feel your feet on the ground, take deep breaths, and use affirmations; tell your spirit you are secure and will take care of your thoughts, emotions and actions.  Stand tall, speaking truth with compassion without taking on others issues.
  2. Imagine you are surrounded by a pink bubble and envision that this bubble is protecting you from negative energy. Do this several times a day as the bubble will clear over time depending on the negative energy it has to absorb.
  3. Energy vampires wish to get you alone, making their story your main focus. Wander nearer to a group of people.  The energy vampire may be shy around groups, feeling outnumbered.  Do not allow them to sink you into a position that is difficult to get out of.
  4. Again, be empathetic. Suggest positive ways and inform the energy vampire of alternative routes. If the excuses persist, understand the energy vampires are not interested in bettering themselves, they only wish to project or give their troubles to another.

Be careful with your energy, your thoughts and continue to work on yourself.  If we all paid attention to the grass in our own field, we would have little time to gossip, project, judge or manipulate others.

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