“If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value.”  – Unknown

It is important at this time in history to remain positive.  This is a daily event, a moment-by-moment, awareness that each of us has a choice in this life and we have a choice of faith over fear.

In today’s world, there are so many things that we might fear; economic collapse, end of the world revelations, am I good enough, does anyone love me.

All of these ideas are true struggles within our soul, a soul rich with blessings that we often forget to count.  Recently I came across something that had me to write down 10 things I am thankful for each day.  In this same book, I was reminded to find a rock, a rock that offers strength each night as I recount the best thing that happened to me on any given day.  Yet, we are so filled with worry, we miss out on the blessings of life and all that it offers.

Getting involved in another’s drama brings us down; it can suffocate us if we allow it to.  Yet, our heart breaks for these people, and our heart breaks for our own soul.

Blood Moon
This upcoming blood moon can be a reminder

This upcoming Blood Moon can be a reminder that the heavens are with us in all of our struggles, all of our concerns.  The idea that the planet Venus is going from a backwards motion to a more direct route invites us to open our heart.  Venus invites us to look at the good within our own soul where we determine what and whom it is that we truly love right now in this moment.  My hope is that you find that this Venus motion helps you to look within your own soul and see the goodness that lies at the bottom of your own heart. 

We are all good in nature.  We come into this World with goodness in our heart.  Worries, fear, feelings of inadequacy are things we learn.  They are words heard from others about how life “might be”.  What about how life “could be”?  It is a daily awareness of ourselves that the remaining events of this year are asking us to look at.  Each of us has the ability to change what is no longer feeding our soul.  Each of us has the ability to change the course of our lives in some small way.  Happiness is within and it begins with loving you.  As we near this upcoming Blood Moon, look within, feel the energies that are asking you to free yourself and begin each day with the idea that there are blessings to be found.

Are you being too hard on yourself?  Are you attached to drama?  Are you  attached to an outcome rather than living in the moment?  Are you grounded in your own soul?  Are you fighting to be right in everything that comes your way?  Let go of any one of these and see how life might change for you.  Be positive, have faith and open your heart to becoming aware of you rather than anyone else in the world.

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