Use Your Intuition to Make 2016 The Year of Your Soulmate

Many of us have made our New Year’s resolutions and some have possibly seen them go by the wayside.  Not to worry.  2016 could be the year you find yourself, your soulmate and the love you have always wanted.  But, you may have to give up something old in order to gain something new.

Each calendar year carries with it a Universal vibration, usually a number between 1 and 9.  The Universal vibration for 2016 is the number 9.  This year’s universal theme  – completion, rest and forgiveness.

None of these sound easy do they, especially the forgiveness theme.

Nonetheless forgiveness is the greatest healer of all.  Forgiveness opens the windows of the heart, binding healing waves of emotion, happiness and health at the physical body, the heart, and mental mind – healing that can unlock dreams you thought were once long gone.

Year of Your Soul Mate
Use Your Intuition to Make 2016 the Year of Your Soul Mate

2016 also represents a completion cycle.  It is time to close out things that are no longer necessary for your future.  What you began 9 years ago (2008) may come to fruition: old relationships may resurface, new relationships may begin, innovative jobs may become available, and governments may change.  This all depends on your karma and your perception.  How have you lived life for the past 8 years and what do you need to close out in order to begin anew?

It is time to sit, rest and reflect on all that you have accomplished and all things left undone for you in these past few years. To do this, you need a little guidance, and a little intuition to guide your way.  No longer is it advised to depend on your head, with its logical organization and routine.  It is time to go for whatever it is that you really want, things you really want and things that do no harm to others.

To do this, go with your gut instinct and your hearts desire.  Examine any fears that tell you something is not possible.  Throw caution to the wind should fear arise.  That is the best advice anyone could give you right now because the universe and astrological scenarios are working in favor of unity and wholeness.

Just how do you tap into that gut instinct and intuition?  First you have to get in touch with you, your feelings and your desires.  Now don’t turn away just yet.  It may not be as difficult as you believe, however, it may take a little work.

When something does not seem right for you, your body has a way of letting you know.  That sick feeling you have around certain people or situations, let it go.  That headache you get when you think of doing something you really do not wish to do, examine the situation and see why it makes you sick.  That numbness you feel at your job these days, you know the one that drains all of the creativity and excitement from your life, be prepared to look for something that makes you feel alive, in a positive way – no negativity when change is on the horizon.

The body is a great source of information, but if you live in your head and ignore the body, you may be lead in the wrong direction.  Anger injures the liver; feelings of inadequacy injure the spleen, and deep disappointment and survival situations hurt the bladder.  Ask yourself what it is that you are holding on to and if it makes you feel defeated or angry.  These are sure signs that something in life is out of balance.

Be prepared to finish what you started in 2008.  I know it sounds like a long time ago, and yes, there have been many obstacles and changes these last few years, but 2016 could be the year everything turns around for you.  If you will allow it.

Our outer world is always evolving, always changing, always moving.  Everything in nature and life has cycles: a beginning, middle and an end.

Get up, get dressed, show up and do the best you can to outline the changes you wish to see this coming year.  Create a dialogue with yourself and pray for the good of all things, believing that you are a priority.  In other words, Get Your Head Out Of Your App and prepare to make 2016 your best year ever.  Who knows, the changes you make in yourself could be reflected in the soulmate you attract along the way.


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