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Single on V-Day? Celebrate the Night with a Soul Mate Strategy Session

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the World.  Others may be out sipping wine, eating chocolates, dining at famous restaurants and laughing it up, but that does not mean your day has to be a wash.

Lots of people are single on Valentine’s Day.  It is often the media and corporations that make us believe that Valentine’s Day is the one-day of the year when love is suppose to magically appear on our doorsteps.  Well, this is simply not true.

Love can arrive at anytime.  It probably will not look like a white horse or glass slipper, but in today’s world it can be anything your heart desires.  So rather than sit home and have a pity party, Get Your Head Out Of Your App” and create the life and love you truly deserve.  Draw your Soul Mate closer with simple creativity and intuition.

  1. Be open to the idea that you are worthy of love and loving relationships. No matter what your past looks like, make an effort to forgive and let go of those things that no longer belong to you.  If you have to, write down the names of people from your past, say a positive prayer for them and then erase the board.  Now be open for something new.
  1. Get a piece of paper and decide how you would like to be treated on Valentine’s Day and any other special day of the year. Don’t be so fanciful that your wishes cannot be met – be realistic.
    Single on V-Day
    Single on V-Day? Celebrate the Night with a Soul Mate Strategy Session

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What’s in Your Holiday Bag?

With less than a month before Christmas your energy may seem scattered between what you want to do and what you believe you have to or should do. Extra activities abound, extra “on the go” errands to run, cards to write, check this list, check that list – so much “doing”, but which way to turn first?

The media, with its attention on commercial buying and material gadgets, has our wish list filled with items that we may find we really do not want; the media has us dreaming in terms of gifts, but the true gift of the season could be to change our awareness, change our focus and change our status to “being rather than doing”.  Wouldn’t that really upset the commercialism’s apple cart?

Sure, some things have to be done – that is the season.  But what if you shifted your focus to the heart rather than your pocket book and head?  What if this season each of us found a way to limit our focus on the commercial and begin to bring our awareness back to what really matters in life?

Love and an open heart are the two main reasons for the season.  With love and an open heart we can begin to surmise that material things come and go.  Love with an open heart can remain with us forever – if we allow them to.

With love it is possible to see people for who they really are.  Love affords an opportunity to let go of labels, dismiss the number of gifts given or received and love helps you to find boundaries that allow you to be you.  And yes, you have permission to schedule some down time for you this season.  Love and time, when given from an open-heart perspective, are the all-important things that everyone really desires.  Many people will not tell you this, but it is true.

What does love look like?  Well, it may be a few minutes of your time with someone who has very little.  It may be a giving of a dish to someone struggling to feed themselves and their family.  In days of old, my mom always baked extra pound cakes or fruitcakes to give to friends and families.  This one gesture was a heart felt gift between friends that said, “I was thinking of you today and wanted to share something from my kitchen”.  Baking was one of my moms favorite things and it cost very little to make extra treats for others.  She did it from the heart and with love.  Following the baking, she sat down and smiled at memories she was making and the love she was sharing.  Following the baking, she penciled in time for herself.

Holiday Bag
What’s in your holiday bag?

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How Do I Know I Am In A Spiritual Relationship

Spiritual relationship is far more precious than physical. 

Physical relationship divorced from spiritual is body without soul.

–  Mahatma Gandhi

Spirituality can be as multi-faceted as the human personality. So can relationships.

Grab a piece of paper and let’s go back in history.  Describe/draw your version of a purely physical relationship.  While it may have included great sex, it probably did not last.  Now recall relationships where growth, respect and truth were stifled.  Describe/draw your lesson from these relationships.  List your desires for a new relationship as opposed to one lost in the past.   How will you know if the next one is spiritual?

Spiritual Relationship
How do I Know I’m in a Spiritual Relationship?

Spiritual relationships allow people to grow in his or her own way and in their own time.  While one person may be farther along in their journey, both are willing to assist the other in positive ways.  Each person offers nourishment, as well as understanding.  We all know growth can be painful at times.  Continue reading How Do I Know I Am In A Spiritual Relationship

Why Can’t I Find Love?

Each of us has a right to love and to be loved. After all, love is the foundation of our soul, opening the energy centers of the heart where we feel connected to life.  But some may trust the idea that love is not for them.  Others may believe that love escapes them at every corner. Or, maybe you have stopped considering that your soul mate or Twin Flame truly exists. Love is available to everyone. The more we are willing to work on ourselves in relationship to others, the closer true love becomes.

Relationships take work.  They require us to be vulnerable, to be open to change and communication, to be open to receiving and open to letting go of what no longer serves us.  Two people living in harmony does not happen overnight, regardless of what the fairy tales say.  Each relationship we enter into, whether for love or friendship teaches us something about ourselves.  We have to look beneath the surface, and embrace the answers found in order for true love to enter.

Look Beneath the Surface
Look Beneath the Surface

Back in the 70’s, Karen Carpenter sang a song entitled “I Need To Be In Love”.  Perhaps one of the lines from her song hits home for you.

“I know I ask perfection in a quite imperfect world,

And fool enough to think that’s what I’ll find.”

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What Is Love?

“Souls recognize each other by vibes not by appearances.” — Unknown Author

True love is an energetic connection.  It is as familiar to us as we are to ourselves.  It is an ingrained soul vibration, not an appearance, or a date night, or even a political party affiliation, recognized by two people at all levels of there being.  When true love arrives, this soul vibration hits you in the gut and brings forth a revelation of déjà vu.  It is as though this true love soul vibration taps you on the shoulder and whispers in your ear, “I’ve known this person before”.

In today’s world we have an app for everything.  We use our mobile devices to locate people, places and objects, anything that grabs our attention.  We use social networks to track our friend’s likes, dislikes, comings and goings, and to post “selfies” of our own external reality.  Social networks are often our hunting ground where we try to fit pieces of our puzzle together in hopes of finding one true love.  But true love is not always easy to find.  It is often times necessary to disconnect from the World and connect with our own inner self in order for our Twin Flame, that mirror image of self, to arrive. Continue reading What Is Love?