Single on V-Day? Celebrate the Night with a Soul Mate Strategy Session

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the World.  Others may be out sipping wine, eating chocolates, dining at famous restaurants and laughing it up, but that does not mean your day has to be a wash.

Lots of people are single on Valentine’s Day.  It is often the media and corporations that make us believe that Valentine’s Day is the one-day of the year when love is suppose to magically appear on our doorsteps.  Well, this is simply not true.

Love can arrive at anytime.  It probably will not look like a white horse or glass slipper, but in today’s world it can be anything your heart desires.  So rather than sit home and have a pity party, Get Your Head Out Of Your App” and create the life and love you truly deserve.  Draw your Soul Mate closer with simple creativity and intuition.

  1. Be open to the idea that you are worthy of love and loving relationships. No matter what your past looks like, make an effort to forgive and let go of those things that no longer belong to you.  If you have to, write down the names of people from your past, say a positive prayer for them and then erase the board.  Now be open for something new.
  1. Get a piece of paper and decide how you would like to be treated on Valentine’s Day and any other special day of the year. Don’t be so fanciful that your wishes cannot be met – be realistic.
    Single on V-Day

    Single on V-Day? Celebrate the Night with a Soul Mate Strategy Session

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