What Is Love?

“Souls recognize each other by vibes not by appearances.” — Unknown Author

True love is an energetic connection.  It is as familiar to us as we are to ourselves.  It is an ingrained soul vibration, not an appearance, or a date night, or even a political party affiliation, recognized by two people at all levels of there being.  When true love arrives, this soul vibration hits you in the gut and brings forth a revelation of déjà vu.  It is as though this true love soul vibration taps you on the shoulder and whispers in your ear, “I’ve known this person before”.

In today’s world we have an app for everything.  We use our mobile devices to locate people, places and objects, anything that grabs our attention.  We use social networks to track our friend’s likes, dislikes, comings and goings, and to post “selfies” of our own external reality.  Social networks are often our hunting ground where we try to fit pieces of our puzzle together in hopes of finding one true love.  But true love is not always easy to find.  It is often times necessary to disconnect from the World and connect with our own inner self in order for our Twin Flame, that mirror image of self, to arrive.

Plato first introduced the idea of Twin Flames in his dialogue, The Symposium.  In his story, humans embodied a united soul, one with a single head and two faces.  But these humans became powerful, prideful causing the God’s concern.  Zeus’ solution was to split these souls apart.  Today’s journey just may be related to the search for our Twin Flame, someone with whom we feel whole again.

When we clean up our own back yards, those parts of ourselves that require deep connection with our God like spirit, we open the door for our Twin Flame to emerge.  It is the clearing of our own negative energies that provides the open window for true love to enter.  Opening our chakras, we find it necessary to divorce ourselves from the negative energies of jealousy, lies, guilt, fear of connection, and illusions and know ourselves at the deepest and purest part of our soul.

It is not as simple as it sounds.  As humans we are enamored with conflict.  We work on the external body often without notice of our own inner strengths, our own weaknesses and limitations.  We put the cart before the horse, thus closing our hearts to the Twin Flame of true love.  Sure, we can live life to its fullest, yet somewhere deep within, we always recall that something or someone is missing.

Twin Flames often live separate lives as they work towards their own inner fulfillment and purpose.  Yet, as independent Flames become clear of the negative energies within, the hearts of Twin Flame souls call to each other.  And in an instance, Twin Flames realize that, once re-connected, their true purpose has always been to find each other and live life for the good of all, for the good of humanity – together as one.  You have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince or princess.  Each person prepares you, they teach you, and they fund your journey back home.

So how do you know when you meet your Twin Flame?  The Esoteric Metaphysical Spiritual Database provides these ideas:

  • When you are with your partner and the relationship is in balance, you become stronger, more powerful, and more capable than you have ever felt. You feel united in a mission or “calling” to serve others and the world.
  • Meeting your partner feels like “coming home” to a familiar, long-lost energy. After meeting, you had “memories” of other times, and places with that person that are not part of this experience so far.
  • Your partner, whether same or opposite sex, mirrors your own issues, concerns, and imbalances but you also complement each other’s skill sets, talents, and capacities. You are the ultimate embodiment of yin/yang, masculine/feminine.

During your union there will be tension, as buttons will be pushed, and arguments arise.  Yet, your heart leaps with joy as you sort through the running away, the bonding together, the union that your heart has always desired.

In your search for your one true love, your Twin Flame completion, recall the simple verses of 1 Corinthians 13:

“  Love is patient, love is kind…it always protects, it always trust, always hopes, always perseveres, love never fails.”



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  1. Very emotional and touching piece..only if a person was meant to find their twin flame instantly,not getting to kiss a lot of toads and getting heart breaks along the way..Deborah come to South Africa,durban please..

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