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My Best Kiss – A Soul Mate Not Meant To Be

Sometimes people come into our lives to show us the better part of ourselves.

I remember it as though it were yesterday.  The impression left within my heart remains that strong.

But it was over 15 years ago I thought I had found my “one true love”.

Like many, I had read stories relating the idea of what “true love, soul mates and twin flames” would feel like.  And I was sure this was it.

The initial hunch was like nothing I had ever felt before, like a waltz from Disney’s Cinderella, though I had no idea how to dance.

It began innocently enough.  Introduced by a mutual friend from church, my soul mate and I set out on a journey that would take us to the core of our souls – a core of personal places long denied.

I realize now this journey through the heart was a means to help us see our own desires as well as insecurities.

It took a while to reign in that first kiss but when it arrived the electricity coursing through my soul opened crevices within me I had never felt before.

I felt alive!!!

For the first time I sensed “real love” and all it had been described to be.

Sex was fantastic, like nothing ever imagined.  It was raw, intimately physical and it was emotional.

The whimsical magnetism of the relationship walked a fine line between intimacy and sex, self and other, doubt and fear.

It was as though we were connected from the top of our heads to the bottoms of our soles.

And we were.  From out of the ether emerged two souls, unique in nature, reaching out for their better half. 

We finished each other’s sentences, read each other’s minds.  When alone, few words seemed necessary as instinctively we flowed from one space to another.

It was like magic.

Soul Mate Not Meant To Be
It was like magic

Lyrics vibrated with the sound of what our hearts were feeling.

Lonestar’s Amazed, one of the greatest songs from the era, resonated deep within, drawing us closer to one another.

“Every time our eyes meet, this feeling inside me is almost more than I can take.

Baby when you touch me, I can feel how much you love me, and it just blows me away.

I’ve never been this close to anyone or anything – I can hear your thoughts I can see your dreams.” 

We harmonized with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as we sang “It’s Your Love.

Our time together was special.

It was true, and it was real. 

We both had dreams, desires, and passion.  We wanted the world, but were we too young to hold it?

I was single; my soul mate was not. Her teenage children, young grandchildren and estranged husband offered insight into a world I had never played in before.

It was no longer two single people entertaining the idea of a relationship – it was a family of people working together to create space for potential unity, peace and harmony.

Each was searching for something, but we were from two totally different worlds.

Did we move forward?  Could we move forward?

Could we take the measures necessary to see the truth behind what we were feeling?

Would we dip our toes in the water and flow with the uncertainty of what life was offering? 

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Single on V-Day? Celebrate the Night with a Soul Mate Strategy Session

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the World.  Others may be out sipping wine, eating chocolates, dining at famous restaurants and laughing it up, but that does not mean your day has to be a wash.

Lots of people are single on Valentine’s Day.  It is often the media and corporations that make us believe that Valentine’s Day is the one-day of the year when love is suppose to magically appear on our doorsteps.  Well, this is simply not true.

Love can arrive at anytime.  It probably will not look like a white horse or glass slipper, but in today’s world it can be anything your heart desires.  So rather than sit home and have a pity party, Get Your Head Out Of Your App” and create the life and love you truly deserve.  Draw your Soul Mate closer with simple creativity and intuition.

  1. Be open to the idea that you are worthy of love and loving relationships. No matter what your past looks like, make an effort to forgive and let go of those things that no longer belong to you.  If you have to, write down the names of people from your past, say a positive prayer for them and then erase the board.  Now be open for something new.
  1. Get a piece of paper and decide how you would like to be treated on Valentine’s Day and any other special day of the year. Don’t be so fanciful that your wishes cannot be met – be realistic.
    Single on V-Day
    Single on V-Day? Celebrate the Night with a Soul Mate Strategy Session

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Use Your Intuition to Make 2016 The Year of Your Soulmate

Many of us have made our New Year’s resolutions and some have possibly seen them go by the wayside.  Not to worry.  2016 could be the year you find yourself, your soulmate and the love you have always wanted.  But, you may have to give up something old in order to gain something new.

Each calendar year carries with it a Universal vibration, usually a number between 1 and 9.  The Universal vibration for 2016 is the number 9.  This year’s universal theme  – completion, rest and forgiveness.

None of these sound easy do they, especially the forgiveness theme.

Nonetheless forgiveness is the greatest healer of all.  Forgiveness opens the windows of the heart, binding healing waves of emotion, happiness and health at the physical body, the heart, and mental mind – healing that can unlock dreams you thought were once long gone.

Year of Your Soul Mate
Use Your Intuition to Make 2016 the Year of Your Soul Mate

2016 also represents a completion cycle.  It is time to close out things that are no longer necessary for your future.  What you began 9 years ago (2008) may come to fruition: old relationships may resurface, new relationships may begin, innovative jobs may become available, and governments may change.  This all depends on your karma and your perception.  How have you lived life for the past 8 years and what do you need to close out in order to begin anew? Continue reading Use Your Intuition to Make 2016 The Year of Your Soulmate

What’s in Your Holiday Bag?

With less than a month before Christmas your energy may seem scattered between what you want to do and what you believe you have to or should do. Extra activities abound, extra “on the go” errands to run, cards to write, check this list, check that list – so much “doing”, but which way to turn first?

The media, with its attention on commercial buying and material gadgets, has our wish list filled with items that we may find we really do not want; the media has us dreaming in terms of gifts, but the true gift of the season could be to change our awareness, change our focus and change our status to “being rather than doing”.  Wouldn’t that really upset the commercialism’s apple cart?

Sure, some things have to be done – that is the season.  But what if you shifted your focus to the heart rather than your pocket book and head?  What if this season each of us found a way to limit our focus on the commercial and begin to bring our awareness back to what really matters in life?

Love and an open heart are the two main reasons for the season.  With love and an open heart we can begin to surmise that material things come and go.  Love with an open heart can remain with us forever – if we allow them to.

With love it is possible to see people for who they really are.  Love affords an opportunity to let go of labels, dismiss the number of gifts given or received and love helps you to find boundaries that allow you to be you.  And yes, you have permission to schedule some down time for you this season.  Love and time, when given from an open-heart perspective, are the all-important things that everyone really desires.  Many people will not tell you this, but it is true.

What does love look like?  Well, it may be a few minutes of your time with someone who has very little.  It may be a giving of a dish to someone struggling to feed themselves and their family.  In days of old, my mom always baked extra pound cakes or fruitcakes to give to friends and families.  This one gesture was a heart felt gift between friends that said, “I was thinking of you today and wanted to share something from my kitchen”.  Baking was one of my moms favorite things and it cost very little to make extra treats for others.  She did it from the heart and with love.  Following the baking, she sat down and smiled at memories she was making and the love she was sharing.  Following the baking, she penciled in time for herself.

Holiday Bag
What’s in your holiday bag?

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Universal Push

Life turns on a dime.  Sometimes towards us, but more often it spins away, flirting and flashing as it goes:  so ling, honey, it was good while it lasted, wasn’t it?”    – Stephen King, 11/22/63

Life turns on a dime, as the old saying goes.  But what does it mean?  Well, many are aware that a dime is one of the smallest coins in American currency.  A dime is worth 10 cents to most of us, and while that may not seem like much, when added together dimes become dollars.  At this moment in time, and with all of the new energies arriving on Earth, I believe that “life turns on a dime, may very well be something we, ourselves might ponder at this moment.

The new energies are asking each of us to review our lives and dismiss what is no longer serving us.  While we may have flashes of insight as to what it is that we really want in life, big changes can be frightening.

Life Turns on a Dime

I would remind you here that the greatest of treasures, places like The Grand Canyon, the Pyramids, various monuments and World Wonders, did not develop overnight.  As humans, I believe we could take a lesson in seeing this characteristic within our own soul. Continue reading Universal Push


“If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value.”  – Unknown

It is important at this time in history to remain positive.  This is a daily event, a moment-by-moment, awareness that each of us has a choice in this life and we have a choice of faith over fear.

In today’s world, there are so many things that we might fear; economic collapse, end of the world revelations, am I good enough, does anyone love me.

All of these ideas are true struggles within our soul, a soul rich with blessings that we often forget to count.  Recently I came across something that had me to write down 10 things I am thankful for each day.  In this same book, I was reminded to find a rock, a rock that offers strength each night as I recount the best thing that happened to me on any given day.  Yet, we are so filled with worry, we miss out on the blessings of life and all that it offers.

Getting involved in another’s drama brings us down; it can suffocate us if we allow it to.  Yet, our heart breaks for these people, and our heart breaks for our own soul.

Blood Moon
This upcoming blood moon can be a reminder

This upcoming Blood Moon can be a reminder that the heavens are with us in all of our struggles, all of our concerns.  The idea that the planet Venus is going from a backwards motion to a more direct route invites us to open our heart.  Venus invites us to look at the good within our own soul where we determine what and whom it is that we truly love right now in this moment.  My hope is that you find that this Venus motion helps you to look within your own soul and see the goodness that lies at the bottom of your own heart.  Continue reading Self-Love

Energy Vampires

” There are some people who, if they don’t already know, you can’t tell ’em. “Yogi Berra

Our bodies are electrical, producing an energetic environment rich in thoughts, ideas, behaviors and attitudes. All have choices of how their day and life will be.

Yet, at times, someone, from somewhere comes along to challenge your boundaries, and steal your happiness. These negative people are “energy vampires”.

Energy vampires may exhibit a victim like behavior.  This behavior removes them from blame, allowing them to project their wrongs in life onto you.  It is always someone else’s fault; victim energy vampires seldom realize they have options to help themselves.  Each of us is struggling with different scenarios in life, and at times we feel downhearted.  Positive people find ways to lift from the rut; victim energy vampires wish to stay in the rut.

Energy vampires often choose to ignore or never gain control of their emotions.  Emotions are the basis for our actions and reactions in life.  These people are liabilities, especially in relationships.  What is that saying, the first time you do something it is a mistake, the second time it is a choice.  Accountability is part of spiritual growth.  Habitual energy vampires who choose to deny emotions stay stuck in their story to gain attention and sympathy.  This robs you of your precious time, energy and positive way of thinking.  Empathy is great but sympathy means you take on another’s problem so the vampire does not have to deal with it.

Our actions and reactions
Emotions are the basis for our actions and reactions in life

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Keep The Home Fires Burning

“No one loses anyone, because no one owns anyone.  That is the true experience of freedom:
having the most important thing in the world without owning it.”
–  Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

Some would say the first six months of a relationship are the best.  We laugh a lot, we do things on a whim, we “fall in love” and then WHAM.  Things change.

Suddenly the relationship gets real.  Partners discover their need to return to self where they rekindle time for personal interest.

So how does one keep the fires burning when the relationship turns real?

Keep the fires burning
How does one keep the fires burning when a relationship turns real?

Ernest Hemingway said “the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving too much, and forgetting that you are special too”.  To keep the home fires burning it is important to understand that everyone cultivates stability in different ways.  The extrovert is nourished through social interaction while the introvert develops through reading and quiet time. Both denote personal needs, but in opposite directions.  Embracing diversity is crucial to creating a balanced relationship.  Defining what is special to you and what is special for your partner feeds both the individual and the couple.  Relationships are about support for each other.  Don’t try to control. Tune in to what is special for yourself and your partner.  Work to meet each other’s needs while remaining true to you. Continue reading Keep The Home Fires Burning

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